What’s the Best Side Hustle for a Veterinarian?

If you’re a veterinarian looking to earn money on the side, there are some great options available to you today. In my opinion, the best side hustle for a veterinarian is working with a telemedicine service for pets. Not only is this a niche service that is difficult to replicate by an unqualified competitor, but it allows you the flexibility to assist other pet owners, acting as your own boss.

But that’s just my opinion. There is a vast range of other feasible side hustles for veterinarians that you can earn more from apart from your full time job.

Here are a few ideas:

 18 Best Side Hustle For Veterinarians

  1. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Veterinarians are uniquely suited to provide pet-sitting services for owners who might feel overwhelmed and stressed about leaving their beloved animals alone. The expertise of being a veterinarian gives animal owners peace of mind that their pets are in good hands. 

For pet lovers, training, dedication, and love are all that is expected from a professional pet sitter – all of which veterinarians are in a prime position to provide.

Pet owners increasingly rely on vets to care for their furry family members when they are away from home or have a tight schedule. 

Vets can look after their pets regularly by providing them with food, water, and necessary medication. Moreover, pet-sitting services and hosting for pet homes are also available for their convenience.

  1. Work at a Vaccine Clinic

As a vet in veterinary care, you already have the expertise to diagnose and treat animal illnesses and injuries accurately. 

Finding a job will be much simpler for you, as pet owners always look for dependable professionals they can trust with their beloved creatures.

Veterinary assistants are to give maximum support to their pets, provide medication and even help carry out surgeries. 

They also have extensive knowledge about animal illnesses; injuries and can assist in recovery.

  1. Telemedicine Services for Pets

Telemedicine is an ideal way to treat patients if they can’t make it to your practice in person. 

It also allows vets to earn extra money from a side hustle without leaving the house. 

Your clients can take advantage of this service and get quality medical advice from you.

For non-critical situations, a virtual veterinarian can provide a great solution. They will ask about the animal’s symptoms and medical history and adjust treatment accordingly without needing physical examinations or tests.

Thus, it helps to ease tension among animal owners that may arise due to not having the chance to visit hospitals.

Working as a veterinarian requires dedication and the ability to interact with pet owners through video calls. 

  1. Answer Veterinary Questions Online

Having a reliable source for their answers is extremely important for pet owners. Consulting a knowledgeable veterinarian for guidance and clarification can help ease any worries and stress.

A lot of animal owners may need guidance or advice regarding pet-related questions. You can easily arrange one-on-one virtual meetups to help them out. 

Through video conferencing, you can reach out to pet owners worldwide and provide support.

You can offer a service that reduces cost and hassle for patients compared to attending a physical clinic visit. By doing so, they can have a more convenient experience and receive the best care possible.

  1. Start a Blog or Niche Website

Blogging is an effective way of passing helpful information to pet owners looking for help online. As a vet, having and managing a blog can be very beneficial in gaining more customers. You can provide helpful advice on pet food and overall health maintenance when you blog about it.

As a blog owner, it’s essential to research and identifies the right keywords related to your topic. It will make it easier for potential readers to find your blog. 

Additionally, you can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing and advertising. It is an excellent way to monetize your website, but other solutions exist. 

Google AdSense is another excellent option that may be right for you, depending on the number of site visitors you have.

Veterinary blogging can be a great way to supplement your income. All you need is to create well-researched and accurate content that provides valuable information to readers. The key is to be consistent with your blog posts to see the results.

  1. Pet Transport Services

Having a pet requires special care and treatment from the pet owner. Often, pet owners choose to use transport services when relocating or to schedule medical examinations. They believe veterinarians are the right individuals to deal with pets during transit. 

In addition, they are aware that using transport services reduces their stress level, as the transportation company handles all paperwork and licenses. 

There is no doubt in pet owners’ minds that the company will administer medicine if a health issue arises. As such, veterinarians may offer this service as a side business. 

  1. Create an Online Course

As a veterinarian, you can use various social media platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to create and upload helpful videos to educate your clients. Doing this will increase your online visibility and provide the necessary information to help them make informed decisions.

Pet owners are constantly searching the internet for tips on caring for their furry friends, what food they should provide, and the best veterinary options. Searching online is a daily activity for many people, providing them with the correct information to ensure their pet’s health and well-being.

By offering digital courses, you can build an online presence and establish yourself as an authority figure in the pet industry. 

Additionally, pet health-related courses are known to sell quickly and efficiently. Creating quality content will result in more positive word of mouth that can help you grow. Give it a shot!

  1. Freelance Writing

As a veterinarian, you have an excellent opportunity to write about animals and make money doing so. There are plenty of online platforms that allow you to do just that. Take advantage of this chance and start earning today.

Freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr are the top choices. Animal wellness, Dogs Naturally Magazine, and Pet Age are some of the others you can leverage.

If you’re interested in collaborating with them, joining their forum is a great way to get started. Creating an account allows you to submit your work for compensation.

  1. Write a Book or Ebook

Veterinarians can easily take on a side hustle by providing digital content. Content ideas include animal health, veterinary medicine, and pet training. 

Writing a book could be hugely beneficial for pet owners who need this information to be readily available.

After completing your ebook, you can get it out in the marketplace. Register with Amazon Kindle Publishing, upload it and start earning royalties. It’s a simple yet rewarding way to make money.

Offering practical and engaging content will make pet owners more likely to trust you and form positive relationships. It is an integral part of creating a successful business in the pet industry.

  1. Online Surveys

Developing an online survey is a great way to get input from pet owners, as it allows you to collect their thoughts and feedback. 

It’s also an excellent chance to make money, interact with pet owners, and enhance your services.

A consumer satisfaction survey is an excellent way to collect customer feedback. 

Multiple online platforms, like Inbox Dollar, Survey Junkie, and Swagbucks, allow you to create accounts and make money.

Consider joining Vestpanel, an online community that rewards people for their feedback. You can turn your opinions into points that can be converted to gift vouchers or transferred directly to your PayPal account. It’s an excellent opportunity to get rewarded for taking part in surveys.

  1. Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is a vital aspect of pet care. Veterinarians can use this as a side gig and help out dog owners by grooming their pets. 

Grooming helps maintain the physical appearance and hygiene of the animals while leaving them looking & smelling great.

Trimming a cat’s nails can be a difficult task for pet owners, yet it is something you are well-trained in as a veterinarian. 

Offering this service as a side job might be something to consider since you already possess the necessary expertise and skill.

  1. Pet Poison Hotline

Pet poison hotlines are an excellent opportunity for vets to make extra money. They can provide valuable assistance in poisoning crises and work with companies that generally employ vet assistants. It is an exciting way to gain more experience and expand their knowledge.

With your extensive understanding of pets, getting involved with the pet industry would be a piece of cake for you. 

Your role would be to help pet owners figure out what to do when their animals are in distress. It’s a tremendous opportunity for you to generate some extra income!

If you’re looking to work with either the ASPCA Animal Poison Control helpline (APCC) or similar companies, research their working environments and consider whether it fits your current lifestyle.

  1. Sell Printables for Pet Owners

Veterinary professionals looking to diversify and monetize their skills have been tapping into the potential of printable pet products. 

With a Print-on-Demand business model, you can launch your store using popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce.

Setting up a pet printables business is both cost-effective and straightforward. It’s also an excellent way to make extra money, as many pet owners treat their animals like family. 

You can create custom products like tags, mugs, hoodies, placemats, beds, collars, blankets, and so much more.

A great design can be a significant asset to reaching pet owners, and using the right platforms can help you get your message out there.

  1. Answer Calls for Pet Poison Helpline

 In many companies that offer pet poison helplines, veterinarian assistants help support staff by answering queries from pet parents concerned that their companion got poisoned.

As a vet, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to provide advice on pet health and suggest the most suitable treatments. 

Not only will this help out pet owners, but it’s also an excellent way for you to make money.

  1. Pet Food Delivery

Starting a pet food delivery service is an excellent way for veterinarians to make extra money. 

Although it requires an initial investment, if you find it interesting, you can make a good income from this side hustle. Many dog owners find it frustrating to come home and realize they don’t have pet food. And if pet owners manage to make it to the store, they may find that the pet food they need is out of stock. 

So, if you’re a veterinarian, running a pet food delivery service is a great way to help your clients get their pets the food they need. 

You can provide both fresh and dry food options for your customers. Plus, you can even deliver special foods for pets with dietary restrictions.

  1. Start a Facebook Group

Facebook groups offer an excellent opportunity for veterinarians to establish an additional source of income. 

The group will serve as an exchange of vital information between licensed professionals and pet owners. 

Veterinarians can answer questions, share tips, and provide helpful articles on pet health. Additionally, vets can monetize the group by recommending medication for owners or sales of their product designs. 

Moreover, setting up a group specifically for practice owners may provide invaluable support to those looking to purchase a vet clinic.

  1. Mobile Clinic

As a veterinarian, a mobile clinic offers an additional opportunity for taking on side jobs. 

This medical service allows pet owners to access professional care without having to visit a clinic, thus alleviating any anxiousness associated with emergencies. 

By offering advice and answering questions via phone, veterinarians can provide helpful solutions from the comfort of their own homes. 

Additionally, appointments may be scheduled with pet owners through mobile tools so that veterinary services are more accessible. All in all, a mobile clinic is an ideal side hustle option for veterinarians to pursue.

  1. Animal Toys

As a veterinarian, offering pet toys as a side hustle is an ideal way to boost your income. Owners want only the best for their fur babies, and providing them with toys is one way of showing affection. 

Toys create strong bonds between pets and owners, which is why selling pet toys in addition to veterinary care can be very lucrative. 

By running pet stores that offer a wide selection of pet toys, you can allow pet owners to choose the perfect toy for their beloved companion.

Some Job Platforms For Veterinarians

Typically, some of the jobs listed above are available on most job boards. If you are interested, check them out below.





Veterinary careers

Final Thoughts

Several side businesses are available for veterinarians who want to enhance their income.

There are many chances with a better payment listed above for you. For success, you must choose a project that fits your timetable. 

I’ve provided a few beneficial job search tools to help you. Assume you are ready to begin right away. Good luck, and ensure to select the best opportunity for you.

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