ATM Side Hustle: How to make money from people’s money

An ATM side hustle is a great way to earn passive income, especially if you already have a regular job. Nowadays, many people are embracing the idea of a side hustle for financial gain,  personal fulfillment, or both. 

So why is an ATM side hustle an ideal path toward financial gain or personal fulfillment?  The answer lies in the effort needed to generate cash flow. ATM machines generate extra cash with minimal effort. This is because it is one of few side hustles that operate on a “set up once, earn forever” model. Once the ATM machine is set up, the business owner can rely on high footfall to generate extra money. A good location with high footfall and high population density will generate a good return on your investment in very little time.

Where does the money come from?

Operating an ATM business can be profitable as people opt to use ATMs in areas where it is difficult to visit a bank. As an ATM machine owner, you’ll earn money from a fee for every completed transaction on the machine.  

In the world of viable businesses,the ATM business is a potential gold mine, with its market value estimated at $20.58 billion in 2019 and predicted growth of  $30.50 billion by 2027. Taking advantage of this now can open up financial opportunities for anyone brave enough to jump in and become their own boss.This article will provide you with all the information necessary to successfully own and operate an ATM side hustle business. Read on to learn more about what it takes to build a profitable venture.

How to Set up an ATM Side Hustle

To get your ATM side business off the ground, there are certain steps you need to take. These include laying the groundwork, organizing all essential elements, and preparing for launch. Only then can you expect to see positive results from your business efforts.

Securing the perfect name for your business is key. Afterward, you must create a realistic business plan and get the required legal structure in order. Then, register with relevant licensing bodies (e.g. Office of consumer affairs) and gather enough start-up funds to begin operations. The first step to getting started with an ATM is to open a business bank account which will be connected to it.

It is also crucial to ensure the ATM is insured – this can often include insuring the software needed for its operation.

The ATM industry relies on a solid agreement between the ATM machine owner, the company managing it, and the owner of its location. A typical transaction made via an ATM might incur about $3-$4.66 as chargeable fees to the user. The surcharge incurred is not solely yours – it is often split between you (the ATM machine owner) and any other parties involved.

You could easily earn over $400 by the end of each month as an ATM machine owner.

Who loads money into the ATM Machine?

Usually, the owner of the ATM machine loads it up. If you’re new to the ATM business model however, you can also hire a third party to load your ATM on your behalf. These are called Vault Cash Management Services.

Vault Cash Management Service providers are a great help when it comes to managing your ATM business cash logistics, managing between $10,000 and $200,000 worth of currency.

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 How much can you make per month as an ATM machine owner?

If you plan to launch an ATM side hustle business, it is important to consider the start-up costs. ATM machines can range from $2,000-$8,000 and additional installation fees may amount to $200-$300 per machine.

ATM owners can earn up to $450-$1000 each month, depending on the machine’s location. For example, ATMs placed in high-traffic areas, may be able to rake in more profit – up to $15-$30 daily.

Pros and cons of owning an ATM Business 

Like any other business venture, owning an ATM machine comes with its own pluses and minuses. It can be profitable but can also come with its own challenges.

 Pros of owning an ATM business include the following:-

1.     Consistent Income Stream:  With this side job, the amount of money you can make is not predetermined or dependent on how much effort you devote to it. You can create a steady stream of income by devoting minimal time.

2.     You employ yourself: As the owner, you are solely responsible for taking control of your business. Every operation and activity falls into your hands, and you are the ultimate decision-maker.

3.     Physical activity: If you self-manage your ATM machines, you will likely be constantly on the go. This will provide you with natural physical activity, eliminating the need for additional sports or cardio workouts.

4.     Great exposure: Owning an ATM business offers a great opportunity to learn about how people make money transactions in their everyday lives. Moreover, these machines offer more than just cash withdrawals –  you can use them for various other purposes such as advertising

5.   Community service. You can get handsomely rewarded by helping people with their immediate cash needs. The cumulative deductions made from your user’s account and credited to your own account provide an incentive to solve such problems.

 Cons of owning an ATM business include: –

1.     Highly demanding for self-servicers. Just like any other business, running a business can be incredibly demanding as you’re expected to take on so many roles & responsibilities.

2.    Unpredictable gains. Each month is different in the commission you can earn. This means, unlike with your full time job, you can’t predict your income at the end of the month. 

3.    Potential liability. As with any kind of business, the ATM industry isn’t immune to liability. The cost of insurance policies may be relatively high, meaning that incurring liabilities is an unavoidable reality.

4.    Risk. Moving money is risky as it can attract malicious attackers who intend to steal your funds. To ensure safety and security, you should be extra vigilant when transporting cash.

5.    Overwhelm. It can be overwhelming to be faced with several tasks that need to be handled at once.

What are the best locations for ATM machines?

Geographical position plays a significant role in the success of any business. Therefore, it is essential for business owners to conduct research or feasibility studies before settling on a particular location for their venture.

 The best locations for your ATM machine are-

1.    Restaurants: Restaurant customers rarely have enough money on them and are forced to go to an ATM to withdraw cash to pay their bills. 

2.     Bars and Nightclubs: Visiting bars & nightclubs has become easier as more and more people are only carrying their ATM cards with them instead of cash. This allows them to withdraw the exact amount they need before entering, helping to make sure they don’t spend too much money at the club.

3.     Grocery and liquor stores:  Customers are more likely to pay in cash instead of using a credit card when shopping at the grocery store. To do this, they often withdraw money from an ATM machine before entering the store.

4.     Gas Station/Convenience Store: Gas stations generally prefer cash transactions over credit cards or other payment methods. As a result, customers have to withdraw cash from an ATM before heading to a gas stand. Alternatively, convenience stores also do better in sales when customers pay in cash, making having an ATM business extremely profitable.

5.     Hotels: Hotel proprietors are increasingly requesting that ATM stands be set up in their vicinity due to their guests’ need for cash. Staying in-house, guests don’t have to leave the hotel if they require cash. Installing an ATM machine within the hotel complex would be convenient for lodgers, who can quickly withdraw money and return to their rooms without any hassles.

6.     Concert Arenas: Concerts tend to be expensive, so having a lot of cash is essential. Moreover, since food prices and other items in concert arenas are usually higher than in other venues, it is necessary to provide easy access to cash by placing ATMs in the area.

7.     Event centers: Having ATM stands in event centers is beneficial for all parties involved. It provides a convenient access point for customers and also presents an opportunity for additional income for the event center owner.

8.     Casinos: Customers at a casino need instant access to cash to make their transactions more convenient. Installing an ATM stand there can provide this much-needed accessibility and keep your customers happy.

9.     Financial Establishments: When people need fast access to cash, the first place they turn to is often a financial institution such as a bank. Positioning your ATM to stand near these banks can be particularly profitable as some smaller ones may not have the necessary resources for their own machine – this could provide you with an excellent opportunity for collaboration. 

How to make money using an ATM Machine

Whenever an ATM transaction is made, a fee of around $4.66 is charged and that money goes directly to your account as the machine’s owner. This helps cover operating expenses and increases the overall efficiency of your business. Moreover, investing in ATM marketing can do wonders for businesses looking to get noticed. Putting up materials on the machines will help spread the word about your services and products and boost your company’s visibility. Businesses pay a hefty sum for advertisement placement on ATMs due to their effectiveness in marketing.

An ATM machine business is an exciting way to earn money and work towards your ultimate goal. Furthermore, selling ATMs can be a great source of income as part of this hustle. You can also try this as well. 

 Tips for success in an ATM side hustle

Here are a few tips to help you towards a successful in your ATM side hustle:

  • Choose an appropriate machine when buying an ATM
  • Choose a profitable location to place your ATM
  • Have a reliable source of cash to fill your machine day-in-day-out
  • Ensure a steady power supply to your machine
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. Every business has its own risk;
  • Think of ways to add value to your service;
  • Have a service agreement template for your ATM with a service company 


Reading over this article should have helped you recognize the important factors to consider before taking the plunge into this business. You can make an impressive commission of at least $450 each month just by having an ATM without being physically present. It is essential to keep the Machine Vault well-stocked with money and ensure a reliable power source for it.

ATMs are common in most retail outlets, fashion shops, and restaurants. This provides convenience to customers so that they can access cash quickly and easily. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved – the customers get a more convenient service while the merchants and ATM owners benefit from higher traffic & customer visits. With an understanding of managing an ATM business, you can begin to explore the world of passive income with less stress. This is a great way to make money while freeing up more time.

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